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The Global Walk For A Livable World was a year-long walk across the country (Los Angeles to New York City) which started in early 1990.  The vision of the walk was to increase awareness about environmental issues throughout our travels and we spoke in schools, colleges, to members of the press, and met with members of congress on this journey.  Our message was simple:  to explain that the time to be aware of our impact on the earth was now.
David on the Walk in California, January, 1990.
Opening ceremonies with David on guitar; Casey Kasem MC'd the event.
I first heard of the walk while working in New York City in the late 1980s and after much consideration, decided to quit my job and embark on this sojourn.  I met the group of approximately eighty people in January of 1990 in Simi Valley, California, and we began the incredibly difficult task of creating a traveling community.  Everything had to be discussed:  from big things, such as figuring out a walking route across the country and organizing the community, to basic things, such as where were we going to find bathrooms?  To assist the walkers on our travels, and for reasons of safety, some vehicles accompanied us, such as a refrigerator truck with a kitchen trailer and a bus with porto-potties on it.

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