New album:  RELEASED APRIL 1, 2017!


You can listen and download it here.

My new recording is an eclectic collection of instrumental music featuring 16 songs: 12 new ones and 4 re-mixes from older material.  Ten of the songs comprised the soundtrack for the modern dance performances of Potential Embrace, by Rogelio Lopez and dancers, which opened March, 2017 at the Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco.

I wrote, played and mixed all the music, much of which contains Found Sounds that I've collected over the years...pianos (grands and an 1800's standup) with guitars (baritone, harp and more) with synth, percussion, violin, sometimes mixed with vacuum cleaners, babies cries, telephones and more?  Yum! Come listen... (Additional links will be posted as iTunes and Amazon have the music available.)

Mixed by Warren Kahn at Banquet Studios; Promotion by Randall Davis at The Creative Service Company.

Once again, thanks for listening and for all the support!!! David.

PS-Read more about Songs of Potential Embrace here.



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Playing With Shadows made top 25 albums of 2015

on Zone Music Reporter, the international airplay chart for instrumental music! 

18 tracks of instrumental acoustic piano and guitar pieces.  Special guests include Michael Manring

(fretless bass), Rick Corrigen & Alex Franklin.  Mixed and mastered by Warren Kahn.


"Heartfelt music that touches the listener deeply”, Harmony Central

This music awaits you; holds beauty and elegance at the same time”, Keith Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews

Blissful…one of the finest albums I have heard this year”, Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

"Resonates to the core of your being; you feel this as much as hear it",

"Expressive and flowing", Michael Diamond, Music & Media Focus